Facebook Coupons

Connecting Your Business With Fresh Customers.

Why Run a Coupon Via Facebook?

Offering a coupon via Facebook is a powerful way to introduce a new product, liquidate overstock, increase your brands target market fan base, build your email list, drive traffic to your website or Facebook page and build brand awareness.

Tap into our social media accelerator and introduce your company beyond your current friends, reaching out to capture your targeted audience within Facebook.

Benefits of Running a Coupon on Facebook

The inherent viral nature of social networks like Facebook offer a powerful way to spread your brand through a coupon because of the following:

  • Friend invites allow users to easily invite their friends to join in the coupon savings
  • Updates on news feeds for every person receiving the coupon informs their friends
  • Likes and comments create buzz about about your coupons
  • Build a targeted fan base through a coupon campaign that will drive future sales

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