How It Works

Connecting Your Business With Fresh Customers.

How IntraWebb Works

  1. IntraWebb Sites: We have built a vast selection of websites for a multitude of industries across the nation. We understand what it takes to convert a prospect from the first page of search engines for your industry. Just because you are on the first page of Google does not mean you are getting business. With our local lead generation system you are providing your business with the best possible to chance to convert more prospects online.
  2. Real Results: See what we do and why you will never find a more cost effective way to generate new business. Real content, press releases, blogging, search engine optimization and so much more, all included. If you don?t start focusing on your local presence online you will be left behind and will be even more difficult to compete with your competitors
  3. Local Presence: We provide all the necessary resources at a fraction of the costs to build your business an exclusive local lead generation system is designed specifically not only to rank higher in local searches, but to convert those local prospects into actual phone calls and emails. We focus on placing your business where close to 80% of the internet is clicking and that is the natural, organic results in search engines.

What's Included in each Local Internet Marketing Lead Generation Systems

Our lead generation system come equipped with coupon autoresponder systems, search engine optimized photo galleries, prospect management system, analytics system and much more. Each lead generation system is optimized for a set number of keywords in your local geo market. These keywords are the most searches and most profitable keywords available.

Web 2.0 Website

Our design team creates a Web 2.0 website for your business. Our campaigns are not only designed to place your business higher in local searches but also convert your prospects when they find you. There are plenty of websites on the first page of search engines and receive very little conversion.

Web 2.0 Blogging System

Each campaign includes a matching blogging system. Our client enablement team manages this blog and uses it as a tool to help rank your website. You have the ability to login and create your own post in addition to what our team does for you.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is one of the most important differentiators in your online success. Our team optimizes your website the most advanced and ethical ways to maximize your placement on local searches. With our in-house application you have full visibility into how the site was optimized and the structure of the optimization.

Local Phone Number & Call Recording

We install a local tracking number that not only forwards to any number you want, but records every call so you can report on how many phone calls have been produced and the quality of those calls. Our clients need full visibility in their return on investment and our local tracking number provides that.

Professional Content Creation and Optimization

We have found one of the biggest delays from signup to launch is receiving the content from the client about their business. Our client enablement group has written content for hundreds of different industries that we optimize and configure for your business so you donít have to. We also take your existing content and optimize it for search engines.

Google Places, Yahoo Local & Bing Local Optimization

These are the top three directories your business should be in. We separate these from the hundred others we place your business in simply because these are the sources you will receive the most phone calls from. We setup, optimize and build citations around your business to increase placement in these directories.

Local Directory Submission

A major strategy in local placement is inclusion in local directories to validate your location and industry your business is in. We not only place your business in hundreds of handpicked directories, we also place your business in the ones that have been proven to increase your Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local accounts.

Monthly Press Releases & Articles Campaigns

Press Releases and Articles are some of the best high profile backlinks you can get for your business. Our team creates and optimized monthly press releases and articles to drive referral traffic and create the best type of backlinks to increase your local placement.

IntraWebb Network Setup

Over and beyond our services we offer not only an in-house web application to manage entire web presence, we also feature a local business network that increases your visibility. Our network is designed for the business owner and is built specifically to help your visibility into local searches.

Content Management System

Once we have your campaign setup and live we allow our customers to manage their content if they choose. You have the ability to add pages, edit pages or update content on your entire web presence with a simple and easy to use application.

Email Marketing & Autoresponder System

Email is a great way to communicate with prospects who visit your site. Our application allows you to automate communication with prospects through our advanced email autoresponder system. You also have the ability send unlimited emails to prospects about upcoming news, events or promotions for your business.

Prospect Management System

When a prospect fills out the form on your website, often times it is hard to manage those prospects. Our prospect management system allows you to manage your prospects in the same system that controls your web presence. Easily send and setup up follow-up task with your prospects.

Advanced Web Analytics

Within each campaign we run, you have full visibility on how prospects are finding you and which keywords generate the most traffic. Our easy to understand web analytic system gives you all the necessary data to see how effective your campaign is.

Social Network Setup with Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

As a small business owner, setting up and managing a social network can be time consuming. Our team sets your business up the proper way and manages your social networks while educating you on how to take over.

1st Page of Google Organically Guarantee

We understand the importance of risks for both sides. Our first page placement guarantee provides assurance your business will be in front of the masses. If our team fails to get your business on the first page of Google for organic results within 60 Days, we will place you on paid sponsor links at no additional charge to you. We will keep your business on sponsor links until we achieve first page placement organically on Google.

How to Get Started

Sign-up for IntraWebb by submitting the form to the right and a representative will contact you to get your websites designed, configured and up and running for your company faster than you could even think of ideas for building a traditional website.