Connecting Your Business With Fresh Customers.


Who is IntraWebb?

IntraWebb offers cost effective web business solutions in the form of a custom lead generation systems that drives traffic to your local business. We offer an economical, all inclusive, turn-key business solution that enables local business owners to get visible on the internet and have access to potential customers without spending needless time and money on web development and online marketing. By using IntraWebb, your business will achieve a first page Google search result for local searches.

Why are "local" searches so important to me and my business?

Notwithstanding the facts that local search has been given priority by the Google (and its competition) search engine and paid ad campaigns (like Pay-per-click (PPC)) are very expensive, look at these facts:

  1. 73% of the billions of online searches are "local" searches.
  2. 91% of consumers are searching the web first.
  3. 77% choose 'organic' over 'paid' search results.

What is Local Internet Marketing?

Local Internet Marketing to IntraWebb is an online lead generation system that is created using some really cool and proven web techniques like custom web design & hosting, keywords & search engine optimization, backlinks, blogs, press releases, adding your local business to Google Places & Yahoo Local, and much, much more. Local Internet Marketing is a complete business solution that includes much more than just a website such as auto-responders, contact management tools, tracking and analytics to name a few.

Why use IntraWebb versus other web-based solutions or do it myself?

Solution providers in the web-based smal business search and marketing space are exploding. The IntraWebb competitive position is simple: WE GUARANTEE RESULTS ! IntraWebb is not a traditional small business website development service that relies on you, the business owner, to direct and manage the process. We use seasoned web professionals to develop small business websites that are so good we can guarantee their effectiveness. It comes down to a team of seasoned Internet and marketing veterans working to achieve what no individual, much less someone with another small business to run, could ever hope to.

Why use IntraWebb versus alternative media?

Traditional phone book and yellow page advertising is dying while local business searches is exploding. Over 1.8 billion web-based searches are made by consumers looking for local businesses every month. 91% of all Internet users use the Internet to search for and research products and services before deciding whom to buy from. You probably already know all of this, but for those of you who have been in a coma for the last decade, the less business you get from the Internet, the less competitive you are becoming.

Why should I use your solution instead of buying keywords from Google?

Buying targeted keywords from Google is great. If you are good at it, you can source new business cheaper than any other form of marketing you are likely to run across. If you have time to become proficient at PPC advertising, it is a skill worth developing. The only thing better than PPC is organic results, which can cut your costs by half to 90% from PPC. 77% of the internet is clicking on natural organic results in Google. Focusing primarily on pay-per-click or impression branding is sperating your business from where your buyers are at.

How does IntraWebb connect to my business?

Let's say you do not have a website - A website is an absolute requirement for any business of any size in this day and age; almost everyone uses the web!

  1. First, you need a website and IntraWebb gives you one.
  2. Second, you need as many eye balls as possible to look at your new website. The design and optimization that comes with our local advertising solution will take your business to the front page of a Google search.
  3. Third, you need to convert the eye balls that come to your site and your IntraWebb website will aid you in converting those eye balls to more business for you.

Let's say you do have a website, but it is not on page one of Google - If your site is not at the top of the search engine rankings, it might as well be your personal diary, because nobody is going to see it. Our marketing sites will supplement your website with the rankings and traffic necessary to compete and generate new business. Use your website for your brand and your existing customers. Use one, or several, use IntraWebb sites to attract new customers to your fold where they can become familiar with your primary company website.

If you decide that the IntraWebb website can replace your existing website based on cost and quality, great. If not, simply measure the cost of the new business from your IntraWebb site and we are confident you will keep your local internet marketing campaign going.

Let's say you have a website, which is optimized and ranked well - In this situation, it is a simple economic question. A IntraWebb Lead Generation system is about to land on the first page of Google along with your existing site where it will begin taking between 35% and 42% of the total traffic. Are you better off adding that traffic to your existing business flow, or letting it go to a competitor? If you could buy $20 bills for $15, how many would you buy? That's how marketing should be viewed as well. To the extent that you have the capacity to properly handle new business, there should be no limit to the amount of additional business you would choose to source through IntraWebb marketing programs.

Are there any contracts with IntraWebb Marketing campaigns?

IntraWebb Lead Generation Systems are purchased on a month to month basis. There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime.

What type of guarantee comes with IntraWebb Marketing campaigns?

IntraWebb Marketing Systems have been designed and executed specifically for your specific industry. Because of this we are very confident we can get your business on the first page of Google organically within your first 60 Days of working with our company. If we fail to obtain first page placement for your local business with the first 60 Days, IntraWebb will pay to place your business on the first page of Google through sponsor links without charging you per click.